Easy Shrimp Basil Pesto Pasta | Quickest Meal You’ll Ever Make!

I consider myself a very minimalistic person in every aspect. I’ll never do more than I have to and it’s the simple things that make life easier. Today I made a quick lunch, and when I say quick I mean QUICK! It took me no time at all. Only needed 3 things: Shrimp, Pesto, and Pasta (I used spinach noodles). This recipe is perfect for the everyday minimalistic, crunched for time individual.

How to make:

  1. We all know how to cook pasta right?? Boil it until tender (don’t over cook your noodles, it gets all gooey and gross)
  2. Sautée your shrimp in lemon juice and any herbal seasoning of your choice
  3. Take your finished noodles and shrimp and place in a bowl, use the Pesto sauce of your choice (one you decide to make, or one you buy) and mix it all together
  4. EAT UP

I actually timed this and it only took me 11 minutes to make. This recipe didn’t require me to slave in the kitchen (because honestly who has time for that when you need to study), and it was super tasty and now my tummy is happy. All your meals don’t have to be all intricate and fancy, just filling. Simple can be good too!


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