Ben’s Body Basics | A Product Review

I am super excited to be doing this product review and expose you all to an ethical & vegan natural brand! You guys know that I love to make, buy, & try all natural products on my hair & skin. These products were particularly amazing to try because 1, this is a brand full of ethical & sustainable body care products, and 2, it’s black owned! Ben’s Body Basics is an AMAZING ALL NATURAL plant based beauty/cosmetic brand based out of Shreveport LA, that is without a doubt, hand crafted with love by the owner Ben Whalen. 

About The Ben’s Body Basics Brand

“Ben’s Body Basics exists to give people a product that is patiently produced and hand-crafted with purpose. The irreplaceable sense of wholeness and comfort I experience through my crafting process is one I hope to share with everyone. Whether it is providing comfort and soothing your skin throughout the day, nourishing your skin with mineral rich and moisturizing ingredients, or helping to relieve stress release tension; Ben’s Body Basics exists for you.”


This brand will take care of your skin, hydrate your skin, nourish your skin, and show you why natural products are the best for you.

Ben’s Body Basics 

Hydrating Alkaline Aloe Body Spray


Scented with eucalyptus & lavender, this body spray is invigorating, lightweight & refreshing. I genuinely enjoy smelling like a plethora of essential oils, so this body spray is perfect. It contains aloe vera juice, a skin loving ingredient that is known to heal & soften the skin. This will come in handy during the upcoming winter season to help keep the skin hydrated. Eucalyptus essential oil has many medicinal benefits, and when used in aromatherapy, can remove mental exhaustion & rejuvenate. Lavender essential oil is known to calm & soothe. I take the time to inhale deeply as I spray this onto my body to reap the benefits of both oils. 

Soothing Lavender Almond Body Scrub

img_5265After using this delicate body scrub for the first time, I could not believe how soft, silky, & smooth my skin was. Ground almonds & pure cane sugar serve as the all natural exfoliants in this holy grail body scrub. The vitamin E oil it contains provided my skin with an abundance of moisture. Geranium essential oil benefits the health of your skin by improving circulation, and is definitely the reason why your skin will have a glow to it after using. The skin glow was TOO real.

I loved using this scrub in my Sunday self-care beauty routine, it works extremely well as a foot scrub. Your significant other definitely wouldn’t mind massaging  or rubbing your feet after using this. Your feet will be baby soft.


Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter

img_5262This luxurious butter worked great as an all day moisturizer. Mango & Shea butter are filled with essential fatty acids that work to keep the skin plump, moisturized & youthful. My favorite thing about this body butter, besides it having me walk around with a heavenly aroma, is that its made with one of the most skin benefiting anti-aging oils, neem. Neem oil heals, softens, & moisturizes your skin. This body butter will leave your skin RADIANT. You’ll smell good, look good & feel even better.


I was told after using all these products that I smelled like a delectable aromatherapy candle. That was the best compliment I could have ever received lol. These products are amazing, don’t deprive yourself of these skin goodies.

The good stuff is meant for you.

Ben’s Body Basics can be found & purchased here. Also, check out the Instagram page.

Let nature serve you ♥





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