How To Smudge A Room + How To Make Your Own Smudge Stick | Smudge With Care!

Say goodbye to bad vibes & negative energy, and say hello to peace, serenity, positivity & good vibes. 

If you didn’t know, I’m black & Choctaw (Native American). This is a huge part of why I’m big on herbs & living natural & holistically. That’s the way my ancestors did it & I want to do the same. Using my Native American roots helps me connect my mind and body with nature on a much deeper level. Smudging is a ‘ceremony’ practiced by some Indigenous peoples that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in this case sage, for spiritual cleansing or blessing, & to drive away negative energy & restore balance. This practice is very empowering.

I’m really big into yoga, & what I’ve learned from being a yogi is that the key to living a life full of positive vibrations is to have an inner balance of peace, love, and light. But the outside is just as important. I wanted to find a way to energize both my spirit & my space. Smudging has given me a way to turn my space & my body into a peaceful beautiful temple. 

Sage has pleasant analgesic effects, & superior healing effects. 


How To Make A Smudge Stick

What You Need! All you need is dried sage and a thin rope. Sage for burning purposes are sold in bundles at hippie/herbal stores. 

All you need to do is take a handful/bunch of sage, and tie/wrap it all together with the rope. 


How To Smudge A Room

img_5580Apply a flame to the sage stick until you start to see the smoke rise clearly & wait until the flame dies down (DO NOT SHAKE TO PUT OUT THE FLAME, let it subside naturally).

Carry the stick with the hand you write with. Whatever room you are smudging, or if you decide to smudge your entire living space, walk clockwise in/around it. Trace every door & window with the stick. 

Feel free to state aloud what you wish the room to be clear and free from, such as negativity & bad vibes, and that you wish peach, joy, & positivity to enter.

Keep the smudge stick over a small dish so it can catch any ash that falls from it while doing so. 


Happy Indigenous People’s Day! ♥



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