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I think its no surprise that I have OFFICIALLY STARTED SELLING MY PRODUCTS! I recently just launched my organic skin & hair care brand, A Naturaleza’s Apothecary. You guys have been raving about my all natural DIY skin/hair recipes so I finally took that leap of faith & created an online shop. I have been selling my products to friends & family (sometimes strangers) over the last year & 2 months and have gotten nothing but positive reviews, so now I figured it was time to share it with you, my beloved subscribers! The products in my shop are goodies that I personally use on myself, I will never sell anything that I have not used. Using the natural skin & hair cosmetics I formulated myself, I have been able to grow my hair waist length, and my skin is the best it has ever been. 

I have a plethora of skin & hair loving goodies to share with you all and I’m super excited about it. I will slowly be adding more products to my shop. So be on the lookout ♥

I am not ready to fully expand this business so my shop is not visible on my blog site. It is only visible when you click the link to shop (will be sharing below!) Your skin & hair will thank you, HAPPY SHOPPING! 

These are the products I currently have in stock!

A Naturaleza’s Apothecary



Lavender Sugar Scrub

This face scrub will help your skin look youthful, moisturized & nourished. It will soften the skin and provide you with a natural healthy glow, keeping your skin smooth & black/white head free! It also combats dry skin & improves your skin tone.

It can also be used as a lip scrub to smooth, soften, and plump your lips, leaving them kissably soft.


anti-acne serum

Anti-Acne Face Serum

Say goodbye to acne & any future unwanted breakouts! This anti-acne face serum works to clear breakouts fast & keeps the skin blemish free. It is formulated with oils that naturally contain anti-bacterial properties that also deeply moisturize & nourish the skin.


youth serum

A Youth Renewing Face Serum

This serum works to restore a youthful & glowing complexion. This serum is naturally rich in vitamins A & E, which help to repair & renew the skin.



dry skin serum

‘Say No’ to Oily Skin Serum

This face serum hydrates & balances your skin. This serum is made with oils that are non-clogging & works perfectly for balancing oily skin.



Hibiscus Vitamin C Toner

Formulated with all natural ingredients such hibiscus, and an all natural source of vitamin C, camu camu.

This toner is a vital skincare step in the journey to glowing skin. It works to even and brighten your complexion, while also refining your pores. It will leave your skin revitalized and refreshed.


charcoal cleanserDetoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

Is your skin in need of a detox? This detoxifying cleanser is great for all skin types, especially oily/acne prone skin.

It removes impurities from deep with the pores without stripping your skin of it’s natural moisture barrier. It refines your skin’s texture & gently moisturizes.


hair oil

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil

Grow your hair fast with this ayurvedic herbal hair growth oil! This hair growth oil is formulated with 9 herbs that promote healthy hair growth. 

This oil also rejuvenates the hair making it shiny & silky, moisturizes, conditions & revitalizes the hair.



Holy Grail Turmeric Nighttime Moisturizer

This holy grail nighttime face moisturizer will leave your skin moisturized, clear, even & bright.

Turmeric works as a natural skin rejuvenator, is anti-aging, fades blemishes, and clears up acne. 



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