Emerging Artist Jonah Jackson | Black Creative Feature

image3My name is Jonah Jackson I’m an emerging artist, I paint and draw. I’m from Third Ward Houston, Texas. I’m currently living in Claremont, California in pursuit of getting my Masters in Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University. My brand is all about expanding my name and getting others to see the importance and creativity I have in my artwork.

image4What drives me as a artist is my overwhelming passion for the craft and it’s ability to not only help me cope with all of my emotions but how the creativity within art captivates and inspires others. Within artistry my imagination is free to run wild and I am allowed to address endless subjects. As an individual who is very socially aware when it comes to societal constraints that create social injustices art is major platform for me to unapologetically voice my opinion, lead, and inspire others. Art has always been a coping mechanism and a outlet to help me tackle life’s many issues, but it wasn’t until my junior year that I discovered that creating art was my passion and purpose in life.

image2At the time, I was barely passing undergrad with business as my major and ready to drop out because I was entering my senior year not happy, and with no passion about my future. Within my junior year in college, I jumped out on a limb and took a course called “painting for non art majors” and fell in love with the craft.  I immediately switched over to Art the beginning of my senior year (Fall 2015). Switching majors set me back year however finding my artistic passion benefited my overall life. With little experience as an art major focusing in painting and drawing I was able to finish my art Degree in 2 years graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Art (Fall 2017).

image1Art making has really impacted my life because just three years ago I would’ve never thought I would be getting my masters in Fine all the way in California. My goal is to travel and exhibit my art worldwide in many museums and galleries. Most importantly, sell some artwork. I want to inspire everyone of all ages and let them know that’s its never too late to do what your truly passionate about no what it is your passionate about. Do it and guarantee you wont regret it.

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